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Mature fuller figured lady has her vintage style worn knickers for sale.

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'Annettes-knickers’ is Rosemarie’s long-established website for lovers of traditional underwear.

It was created decades ago for lovers of corsetry and traditional underwear.

Rosemarie and her website are especially supportive of men and women who love directoire knickers, (or bloomers, as many love to call these beautiful, elastic-leg knickers).

Directoire knickers are the most beautiful and sexiest knickers of all knickers, but she also sells panties, cuff-leg pantees, french knickers, slips/petticoats, underskirts, corselettes, and brassieres.

Additionally, she has strong, white, six-strap suspender belts, and even proper, traditional, sanitary towels, 'with loops'.  Sanitary towel belts and other odds and ends are available on request.

Rosemarie’s underwear is of excellent quality, British made in a range of colours, - and her long, nylon stockings are a joy to wear.

Her directoire knickers are available in beautiful, soft white cotton, as well as nylon, rayon, and she also has a few 1960’s - style stretch-nylon knickers remaining while stocks last.

All of her underwear is easy to purchase at her very reasonable prices.  

You are welcome to drop her an email from her website, and discuss your underwear sizes and underwear choices, and so on, - and established customer friends can talk to her too!

Rosemarie’s ‘knickers website’, as many people call it, is also a ‘fun’ site for you all to enjoy, containing many underwear stories and photos, with a smattering of other subjects that her followers love to peruse.

Some of you contribute underwear stories and a range of pictures, and contributions are encouraged.

Rosemarie says, “Just enjoy yourselves!”




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