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Collecting (and wearing) Panties
By Pantiesterry and Pantypat

Probably the most common and popular fetish of all to most of you is either just to enjoy wearing panties or perhaps to collect them.  There is absolutely nothing wrong in men wanting to wear womenís panties - or any underwear for that matter.  It's so much nicer looking than menís plain and to us, boring underwear and also feels so much better.  We're often asked if men wear panties does it make them gay?  The answer we always give is no.  Why should panties affect how anyone feels sexually?  In fact a lot of men get into panties and the fetish through seeing their wive's or girlfriends in them, and wishing they could wear them.  There is so much diversity in the types, styles, colours and materials available it's so easy to find them so appealing.

Many women also like to see their husbands or boyfriends in panties and in some cases can become a form of sexual foreplay to sex.  So in many ways men wearing panties can easily enhance their sexual feelings towards each other.  It's also known it's not just men who collect panties there are many women who also collect and enjoy panties and lingerie and have their own collections.  

Wearing panties can often lead to collecting them, and what an ideal thing to collect.  Collections can be based on types of panties like bikini briefs or perhaps French Knickers for example.  It's also possible to collect materials or even colours of panties.  Or maybe you just want to collect as many as you possibly can.  Panties are easily obtainable through shops, stores and on-line suppliers and are usually quite reasonably priced so it's quite easy to accumulate quite a collection for very little financial outlay.

Vintage underwear is often a basis for starting collections, and many people find the older types and look rather sexier than some of the more modern panties.  So whatever your interest or wherever it lie you'll find so much variety available that the limit of any collection is where you want it to stop, not on what's available for you to obtain.

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