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Welcome to the Members Section of our website, by joining this section you have access to numerous groups covering all aspects of subjects covered by this site.  You're welcome to join as many groups as you wish and also providing it's in context create a group of your own.  You can start topics or discussions in any group, plus post photos of your own on any group, itís also the perfect place to make friends and get to know others who have a passion or fetish for the same things as yourself.

Joining this section is quick and easy and it's completely free of charge.   Your passwords are secure and automatically encrypted in the database so no one can access your password.   It's important to remember your password because our admin team cannot retrieve it for you.

Obviously as with all groups and members sections we do have some rules which must be adhered to, and failure to comply will result in you being removed and possibly banned as a member.



1.      To join this section you must be over the legal age in the country you reside to view and access content of an adult nature.  By joining you are confirming you are legally entitled to, and the owners of this site will not be held responsible for any under-aged people or unauthorised entry.

2.      Once you join this section please create and fill in your profile immediately, don't worry about a profile photo - this can be added at a later date.  You will ultimately need a profile photo (it need not be yourself) as long as it represents some area of your interests.  We can always supply suitable photos if you require - just let us know.

3.      Failure to create or fill in your profile within 24 hours will result in your membership being cancelled, so please make sure when you join you have sufficient time to create a profile of yourself - this only takes 5 - 10 minutes.

4.      Do not post offensive material or any under-age content or photos.  Any such content will be deleted without warning.

5.      Do not post links to any other websites or groups without our permission, we will grant permission providing the sites or groups are relevant to the subjects covered by this site.  Any unauthorised links without permission will be removed without notice

6.      Any attempt to post SPAM of any sort or anything not relating to the subjects covered by this site will result in your membership being cancelled and banned from joining again.



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