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Messy Food Play
By Pantiesterry

This fetish may sound very strange and odd to some people, but the truth of it is the fetish is far more popular than many would believe.  It's not restricted to having messy food in just underwear it can encompass all types of clothing, but for this website we concentrate on just having foods in or over panties or knickers.

Many people find the feel of anything slippery, slimy and even sticky around their private areas very erotic and sensuous, so to have it inside panties or underwear of any sort is nothing short of pure bliss.  It's also a fetish which is just as popular with women as much as men and can be indulged in by anyone of any age.

Most of the foods used are dessert type foods like cream, custard, jelly, trifles, yoghurts, various fruit sauces and even porridge, but other foods commonly used are eggs, treacle and golden syrup and even flour.  In fact really there is no limit to the types of food anyone could use.  Most food is water soluble so usually washes off easily, but having said that occasionally some will stain clothing - so if you do try it, we strongly suggest you wear old clothing or underwear.

It's also a fetish which can be included with others like that of Adult Babies and Sissies - most very young children tend to play with their foods at times and consequently end up getting it over themselves so in role-play some AB's and Sissies are quite happy to get covered in messy food of some sort.  We're not suggesting they all do, but just giving ideas of how some do indulge in the fetish.

I will admit it's a fetish I have tried and enjoy, I don't get to indulge in it that often but when I do I savour every minute of it.

The fetish as a whole is commonly called WAM (wet & messy) or Sploshing, but whatever name you know it by it's all the same.  There are many websites and groups devoted to it on the internet, some you'll find in the Links pages of this site.  If anyone would like to correspond with me on the subject please get in touch.


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