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Staining Panties and Knickers
By Sissy Sue

I'm not sure what it is about stained panties or knickers but there is a huge fetish for it, and it's not limited to guys who love it; many women appear to enjoy stained underwear just as much.  Most staining we're thinking of here is from bodily fluids and secretion, which are the most common ways of staining underwear. Even without trying if anyone wears the same pair of knickers (or panties) for more than a day it's inevitable they will begin to get slightly stained, and the longer you wear them the heavier the staining gets.

I have to admit I love stained underwear and have done for several years, I accept because of the sort of person I act and portray I do abuse my knickers more than most people ever would and almost without exception all my knickers are stained to some degree - even after washing.  I love acting and looking very slutty at times so slightly stained knickers do help the appearance.

I also know several people who enjoy stained knickers and panties as much as I do, and one or two of them have some underwear which they never wash properly.  I know to some of you this sounds disgusting but strangely it does happen a lot with those who enjoy the idea of wearing stained knickers etc.  Perhaps one of the reasons is the odour they acquire after a time, that of dried pee and cum which has a distinctive smell - some people love it whilst others hate it.

It's not just bodily fluids which some let stain their underwear, some will deliberately let various drinks etc. get on their knickers by spilling it.  Some drinks do stain quite easily especially juices like blackcurrant, but coffee and tea can also stain quite easy.

Some materials stain easier than others and cotton is perhaps the easiest to stain, and often don't wash out very easy.  Satin is also quite easily stained but it's not usually very permanent and can be washed out. The same can be said of nylon that doesn't stain very easy and it's usually just temporary staining until the knickers are washed.  Nylon only tends to stain permanently if it's repeatedly stained, allowed to dry thoroughly and stained again on top of existing stains.  After some time like that nylon can acquire some very nice stains.

If anyone wants to know more about staining knickers or panties I'm always happy to answer any questions so get in touch with me.


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