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Wetlook Wearing Panties and Knickers in the Shower or Bath etc.
By Pantypat

One of the sexiest sights regarding panties and lingerie for men (and some women) is to see them soaked in water.  The materials and look of ladies underwear lends itself well to being soaked and makes a wonderful and sensual sight.

Not only does it look good but also feels exceptionally sexy to have wet material cling to the skin in the way it does.  It makes no difference in how the underwear gets wet any liquid or method is equally as good.  Some people shower or bath whilst wearing panties or lingerie, even the idea of getting in water with them on can be quite sensual.

Perhaps not surprisingly what started out as wet T-shirt contests in some clubs and venues has now spread to Wet Underwear contests in places, we're not sure just how widespread this is but it wouldn't take much imagination to think they'd catch on and become very popular in private clubs etc.

There really isn't much more anyone can say about this fetish but it's certainly a popular one and one which will no doubt be with us for many years to come.   If you've not tried it then we definitely recommend it' something you consider trying at some point - we're sure you'll find it enjoyable.

I've personally enjoyed the feel of wet knickers or panties for years - and I often shower whilst wearing them.  If anyone would like to ask me any questions on my involvement please email me - I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.



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