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Welcome to the website devoted to all those who enjoy panties, school knickers, lingerie and underwear.  To many people panties and lingerie are thought of as more than just underwear and have become a fetish.  Maybe you like to wear them yourself, or perhaps you just like to see others wearing them regardless of why you're all welcome here.  I'm sure within the pages of this website you'll find plenty to interest you, and we cater for all associated fetishes.   Many men have a passion for panties and underwear and many wear it themselves - even if they're not full crossdressers.  We of course are not omitting women in this website and we are fully aware many women do have a liking or fetish for underwear and lingerie.

The intention of this website is to provide a place which caters for everything, and all fetishes which are linked in any way to panties and school knickers or any item of ladies underwear.


We're hoping the website will be completely comprehensive and contain something for everyone.


We hasten to add that there is no under-age content on this site in any form, and neither will we allow any suggestion or content of that in any contributions anyone may make.  All contents of this website are in keeping with UK law, and only those people who are above the minimum legal age in the country they reside should be reading this.  By entering this website you have accepted our conditions, and agree you are legally entitled to view this site.


We're intending to keep this website updated as often as necessary, and will add new content when it's available.  We'd also like to start by saying that the entire website team have a fetish for panties (or school knickers), and we all wear them frequently.  Some of us also have fetishes closely associated with wearing panties, and all these fetishes will be catered for within the pages of this website.  We are all approachable, and if anyone should want to get in touch with any individual or even the whole team please email us, we are happy to correspond on the subject of panties/school knickers, lingerie and underwear at any time.


Finally, please enjoy the website and take your time to look through the pages carefully.  If you have any comments, feedback or even constructive criticism please let us know, we appreciate any input or comments anyone makes, which will enable us to provide a site which is as comprehensive as possible, and a place for everyone who has a passion for panties or school knickers.


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