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Toilet Habits
By Pantiesterry, Sissy Sue and Sylvia

Wetting Panties
By Pantiesterry


Most people at some time in their lives even if it was when very young have had accidents in their underwear whether it's peeing or soiling them.  No doubt at the time you had any such accident you were horrified and embarrassed and almost certainly hated the fact you'd done it.  So are there people who have had accidents and actually enjoyed the feeling or sensation?  The answer is yes, and as surprising as it might sound there are more people around who enjoy using their panties as a toilet than you probably imagine.

There's no doubt that wetting in panties is perhaps the biggest of the toilet fetishes and thousands of people from all walks of life frequently wet their panties for pleasure.  It's a fetish enjoyed by both men and women and of any age.  Some are happy to indulge in this privately behind closed doors whilst others embrace the idea and will pee themselves in public places.  Others will pee their panties deliberately in bed which is an entirely different fetish.  However or wherever anyone wets themselves the end result is the same.  The people concerned all enjoy the feel of their wet underwear clinging to them.

Urine is a relatively harmless liquid and it's mainly water with toxins which the body needs to get rid of.  In fact urine is quite sterile and has been in the past used as an antiseptic, so to get it on your skin or clothes does no harm and it does wash off very easily with no affects.  Many people who enjoy wetting are also into other forms of pee play such as 'golden showers' this is where one person pees over another.

Pee play and wetting is often used as foreplay to sex especially if indulged in while in bed.  It's a wonderful way to enjoy sex and can lead to enhanced orgasms and heightened sexual feelings.

Wetting is often used in association with other fetishes such as Adult Babies and Sissification, although sometimes nappies (diapers) are used others dispense with those and just use their panties and will happily soak their underwear.  I've been a deliberate wetter for most of my adult life, most of the time it's in the privacy of home but I have wet myself outdoors many times and so get enjoyment from it.


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